Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lemonade for Sale! Frogs for Sale!

After an especially productive garage sale trip, Molly decided to have a lemonade stand yesterday.  The bait house is a perfect location for a lemonade stand, and she always does well. 

She makes her own brownies and lemonade, and must pay for the groceries out of her profits.  If she has any helpers, she must give them a wage.  This is, I have explained to her, what Grandma Mary has to do at the restaurant. I might get a little bit of resistance to this if she didn't make so much money. 

She made enough to pay me back for her groceries, for her new hamster (Toffee), and to save for a rainy day. 

Today when we were having lunch at Nana and Papa's cabin, some little boys drove by and told us, "Frogs for Sale!  25 cents!" 

Mady really thought that she should have one, but confessed to not having any money.  One of the little boys tells her, "You're in luck.  We are having a sale.  Little girls get one free." 

This is very clever for a 9 year old boy! 

So Mady got her frog.  She loved it for about half an hour, and then I made her give it back.  We didn't have anywhere to put it on our bikes, since Gracie was riding in my basket.   
We made it home before the rain hit, but not before the wind picked up.  It was a very long, very strenuous ride home.  We all agreed that we are going to have legs and buns of steel before the summer is done! 

The little ones are now having a very much needed nap and Molly is folding and putting away her freshly washed rummage sale spoils. 

The men are in the field, trying to get as much seed into the ground as possible before it's too late.  Luckily, the raid has been just a sprinkle so far, and if the weather holds, they might get almost all of it in.  I am looking forward to being done with seeding, though.  I'm reading to start landscaping the yard! 

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