Friday, June 29, 2012


The fireplace is basically finished, and I'm fairly happy with it.

There was a little too much contrasted between the top and the base, so I did a little dry brushing of the two colors to blend it a bit. I can still see a bit of the brick pattern of the paneling on the base, but it's really subtle.  I could probably put more stone stuff on it, but that would probably be more of a pain than it's worth.

I also did some digging through my fabric stash and I found something really promising.  I have enough of the floral patterned one to make valances for the windows.  The big windows are 10 ft long, so that takes a lot of fabric.  If I do valances, I will order some chocolate brown sheers.  There is enough money in my budget if I order them from Brylane Home.  If I order four of them, I'll have enough money left to buy a can of that bright green spray paint for spruce up some knick nacks.

With all of the good things that I've gotten accomplished today, there is also some bad news.  The glaze I purchased (on clearance for $10) is oil based.  I might use it anyway, but it complicates the clean up and may complicate repainting in the future.  I hate oil paints.  Ugh.

That was very productive.  I'm going to go take a very well deserved hot shower.

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