Monday, February 21, 2011

New Job!

I have not been blogging because I have been very busy.  Yes, even busier than usual.  I got a new job at the end of January, and it              is               Awesome. 

I am now an English and Journalism teacher at my Alma Mater, Greenbush-Middle High School.  It rocks.  I love it.  I have not gone nearly an entire month without a single call from the police.  I really love not being on call 24-7!

I have had very little time for my craftiness.  I did start recovering the chair in my livingroom.  So far so good.  I'll post pictures when I'm done! 

In the mean time, here's a random picture.  Mady got panties for Christmas, and like every child I've ever known, she felt the need to put them on her head.  Notice the candy all over her face?  I hate it when people only post perfect pictures of their perfect children being perfect.  Mine get dirty and wear underwear on their heads. 


  1. I thought it was only boys that did that.

    Here are some ideas for some crafty, more socially acceptable hats, should you find the time:

  2. Nope. Girls too. When Molly was a toddler, she used to "help" me fold clothes -- she liked to wear my underwear necklace style. I have some cute pictures of that.