Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scarf Season

Last night we were blasted by a heck of a blizzard.  The hubby and I had hoped to go out for a little while, but the weather was so bad that our babysitter (Grandma Mary) turned around and went straight home, stating that she didn't want to get stranded over night.  She only lives two miles away. 

So instead of partying it up, I colored my hair (redder and darker, like I do every winter) and curled up in front of the fireplace to crochet.  Mark lounged on the couch and watched a sci-fi movie.  At least we both got do to things we enjoy, even if our night out was thwarted by the weather. 

Cold weather always inspires me to make something cozy, and I love accent scarves.  Even though I wear two or three layers in the winter, there is something extra warm about having a cute scarf wrapped around my neck. 

I made this scarf yesterday and blocked it this morning.  The colorway is called "Strawberry" and it's a perfect description of the colors.  I think I love it.  Today I'm working on fingerless gloves from the same yarn.  My hands get super cold at work, so I think I"m going to stow them in my desk. 

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I made this scarf last winter and never got a picture of it posted.  It's easily my favorite.  It's crochet out of a lace weight cashmere/silk blend, and it feels just as soft and light as you'd image it would.  The pattern looks like little snowflakes, which I find quite fitting. 

It's cold and blowing again today.  I'm thinking the fireplace and some hot cocoa are calling my name.