Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Family Photo 2010

Madelynn (18 months) Micah (4) Molly (7)
Monique (29 - I swear) Mark (old)

We didn't get our Christmas pictures back until December 23, which is why I don't have my Christmas cards done yet.  I guess our friends and family will be getting New Years cards this year. 

Today we are spending the afternoon making cookies for Santa and wrapping the last of the presents.  After the evening Church service, we have the annual Rocky Point Arnesen Extended Family Party Extravaganza.  Good times. 

I'd love to promise that I'd post photos of all the fun, but my fabulous new camera is completely out of commission.  Even though the battery is completely charged, it won't turn on.  Which is why I haven't been posting photos of all of my holiday craftiness.  Well, that and that blogger got blocked at work and I can't do blog posts on my lunch break any more. 

Happy Holidays to everyone!