Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

The little monsters had a great halloween. Actually, there was only one monster: Micah the vampire. Molly was a beautiful bride, and Mady was a hatless cowgirl (the wind kept on blowing it off). Yes, I sewed most thier costumes -- we tried to use as much existing clothing as possible.

The kids had fun trick or treating, and then we returned to the town-house to host a small party. When we got there, we found that our bowl of candy had been emptied -- yes, someone walked into our entry way and emptied the whole bowl. Who does that? Seriously? One of the best things about living where we live is that you can leave your doors unlocked. Unless you have candy sitting close to the door, I guess.

The party was great. The turn out was a little smaller than expected due to the amazingly gorgeous weather. It was a "Come and Warm Up" party, with no need to warm up! I'm not complaining, except that we will be eating worm sandwiches for the next week and a half.

Hope that everyone's Halloween was great!
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