Monday, August 16, 2010

London is Lovely

I'm enjoying sight seeing in London. 

The hotel room is very small and I'm getting quite sick of my husband's incredibly loud chewing.  He's always been a loud chewer, but I can usually get far enough away from him to be able to escape the super annoying noisiness.  No such luck in a tiny hotel room.  And he likes to snack on cookies at night.  So, with no escape in sight, I am stuck biting my tongue.  I want to scream at him and tell him to just shut up already, but he really can't help how loud he eats.  I think it has something to do with his hearing loss.  Since he can't hear himself, he can't tell the difference between loud chewing and a normal volume of chewing.  For the record, I hate all chewing sounds.  They give me the heeby-jeebies.

So, back to the sight seeing.  We've seen Westminster, Parliament, Big Ben, some square with a lovely fountain and giant lions, and the Tower of London.  We spent like 4 hours at the tower, which was way to long for my style of sight seeing.  And just so you know, the British Army does not seem to have the same kind of standards for their Beefeater's as the Swiss have for their Vatican guards.  The Swiss guards are all 6 feet tall and super dreamy (you notice this when you are 21 years old, which I was when I was last at the Vatican).  The Beefeaters are over 50 and pudgy.  The outfits are just as silly, but the men are not nearly as attractive.

I'm hoping to see lots of fabulous things tomorrow.  We're thinking about going to see "Wicked."  It would be a nice birthday present, I think. I would have preferred to see the original Broadway cast, but I certainly won't complain about a West End production.  I'd like to do some shopping at some point, but I don't know if I'll have time. 

I would have finished all of the embroidery for the wedding gift on the way here, but the embroidery hoop broke.  I'm hoping to run into a craft store soon...

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  1. Possible solution to the loud chewer: stick a Toad in the Hole.

    If you get the chance, take the ferry across the channel to Dublin, and stand on at the stern when you depart. You can spend a pleasant evening in a pub talking to the locals, sleep in a homey family-run B&B, dash off to kiss the Blarney Stone, and be back in time for the London Opera...