Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spring Photos

A friend of a friend took some photos for me. Being a single lady, this was the first time that she'd worked with a group of kids. She said that it was hard work, but I think she did great. Yay Heather!

This is the only pic that she got with all three kids in it. You can Almost see Micah's head! They were not interested in being anywhere near each other that day.

I think that I need to take some photography classes or something. I can point and shoot, but anything beyond that is just way too challenging for me.

Not that I normally have a lot of extra time, but now I really won't have time for extra things like photography classes. I found out yesterday that I was accepted into a graduate program at Concordia University (St. Paul, MN). The plan is to finally finish up my master's degree. It will be in Family Life Education, which I think is a very nice meeting place between my training in teaching and my recent work experience in social work.

I'm a little worried about the kind of time this program is going to expect from me, but I've basically accepted the fact that I won't be touching my sewing machine for the next two years. Or my paints. Or my beads. Or yarn of any kind. This is a big sacrifice for me, and I'm pretty sad about it. I'm sure that I'll find little projects to sneak in here and there, but it just won't be the same.

I also need to come up with some super fantastic strategies on keeping up with the cooking and housework. My husband's involvement in these activities ebbs and flows, depending on how busy the resort is. He means well, but I'm not sure that I can really depend on him to be consistent. I'm actually considering hiring somebody to clean. I don't know how we'll afford it, but I know that I certainly won't have the time that I need to keep the house as clean as I like it. I'm the type of person that can't focus when my surrounding are in disarray and I' might have to just write it off as a educational expense. (Mentally, not on my taxes -- unless my accountant tells me that it is a legitimate deduction, then on my taxes as well). Any moral support you can provide would be much appreciated.

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