Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Toy

I made a serious impulse purchase and bought one of these today. It's a digital still and video camera in one. My little kodak-that-could broke over the weekend. I will send it away to get repaired, but I thought that it might be a good idea to own a second camera. I found this and thought that the video option made it even more practical.

Do any of you have one like this? Did I make a wise purchase?

We went to the cabin this weekend and there was a mama deer and triplets chowing down 15 feet from our big picture window. And no camera. Plus, I missed all the cute cabin-y kids pictures. Bummer.


  1. Tom bought one for "me" for Valentine's Day. (Well it was for him, but that's okay, "I" took over the netbook I gave HIM for his birthday last Sept. LOL).
    It works well! The videos are good and the stills are too! I just find it a little complicated to use, and on his computer and the netbook I had to download a program that played the videos with sound. (VLC, free and easy to use) We haven't had time to play with it to get to know it well and fully understand it's potential. But it's been great for videos of the grandbaby! It's so light and portable! I think you'll like it!


  2. I've tried it out -- mostly taking pictures at the fair (which I hope to get around to posting soon) and it seems to work really well! So far, I do like it.