Friday, July 23, 2010

Float Fun

Rocky Point held a tropical themed celebration last weekend. Check out the kids (and their cousins and Aunty Heather) on this cute float. They enjoyed throwing candy and the spectators. Except Mady. She just ate the candy... and a little sand.
It was a pretty good turn out:

After the parade there was karaoke at the lodge. Molly sang "Walking on Sunshine". I helped.

I have a weekly garage sale shopping quest. It usually goes more smoothly without the children, so I left them home with Mark last time. Mady had a super fun time with her daddy. She sat in her wagon in the shop and watched him fix tires. When I got home, she looked like this:
Here's a closeup of the dirt and boogers, in case you couldn't see them well enough in the first photo.
Wow, huh?

I've always been the kind of mom who lets her kids play in mud puddles. I believe that the dirtiness of a kid's feet is the best indication of how much fun she's had. When I'm cleaning them up in the evening, I will often say, "Wow, those are some super dirty toes. You must have had fun today!" They usually agree that they had. And I figure that skin and clothes wash, right?
So, dirty children are not uncommon in our household, but for some reason this bit of dirtiness just tickled me. I love the stage she's at right now. She's starting to play with dolls and trucks. She sings little made up songs and dances. She pretended to cook me a snack in the play kitchen the other day -- and warned me that it was "hot" when she handed me the little plate. And, just like her brother and sister, she plays outside and comes in dirty. Too cute!
And I promise I washed her up! I may let them get dirty, but they do not stay dirty!!

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