Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the benefits of domestic employees

For the summer, I've hired a teenager to stay at my home and care for my children. This allows me to wake up super early and get only myself dressed, fed, and out the door. If I shower the night before, I can do it in twenty minutes. I can then drive to work and put in a 10 hour day while my children sleep in as late as they'd like and spend a leisurely day tootling around the house. I found a particularly wonderful teenager, and I come home to happy children and a clean home. And since I hired a teenager and not a professional nanny, it's not any more expensive than my usual daycare bill.

It's bliss, pure bliss.

Coming home to a clean house is the most amazing, life changing thing that's happened to me since the birth of my last child. I marvel at the sudden existence of free time. I obviously give her the weekends off, but the effects of her presence continue while she's gone. This weekend I:

* did like 12 loads of laundry
* organized my entry and finally got all of the hats and mittens washed and stored away. Yes, it's June and I still had hats and mittens out.
* shampooed the carpet in the entry. It was really gross and took a long time.
* crocheted 5 or 6 dishclothes. We were running low.
* hooked up the new modem and wireless router. Our old one was fried when we got hit by lightening a couple of weekends ago.
* watched Julie and Julia from Netflix via our wii. So handy... and I can fold laundry when it has to take little loading breaks. And Meryl Streep needs more Oscars. That woman is amazing.
* put a good sized dent in the flooring installation in my bedroom. It's been partially tiled for like 6 months. I think that I'll finally be able to finish it this week.
* cleaned the rarely used dining room (also known as storage room #2). The table is completely clear.
* dusted. really!
* scrubbed (really scrubbed and not just wiped down quickly) the shower. I forgot that it was white and not the ivory color that it usually looks.
* started a lovely shawl for a friend who's getting married in August.
* went fishing.
* went shopping for something other than groceries (crafting supplies for the friend's wedding gift).
* snuggled my kids.

* snuggled my husband.

I love my life right now.

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