Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stupid Mini Van

I seem to have bad luck in the vehicle department. Earlier this spring, this happened:

Notice the wonky angle of the tire. That’s due to a snapped ball joint. It snapped while I was driving down a gravel road at about 45 miles per hour. Needless to say, I swerved out of control. Luckily I was able to keep the vehicle on the road and upright.

But as you can see by the tracks in the pictures, it was a close one. Hitting that ditch at 45 mph would definitely caused a roll over. My kids were with me, so I’m sure you can understand how lucky we were. We were also only about 5 miles away from home and only had to wait for about 10 minutes before my hubby came to pick us up, which was also quite lucky.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I got a flat tire. Like the snapped ball joint, this was on the rear drivers side. I drove all the way to work (remember that it’s a 43 mile drive) without noticing it. By chance my husband had made his monthly trip to town that day and was able to patch it up while I was working. Again, I was quite lucky.
Well, this morning my luck ran out. As I type this (in a word processor document, which I’ll paste into blogger later) I am sitting in my van on the side of the road. Flat tire again. Rear driver’s side again. This time, I didn’t make it all of the way to work. This time, I wasn’t just five minutes from home. I’m halfway to work.

I tried to use my handy built in air compressor, but nearly 10 minutes crouched at the side of the road only produced 1 additional psi in my tire. I tried to limp the rest of the way to the nearest town, which is only about 4 miles away, but the “thump, thump, thump” noise and bouncing made me change my mind and find a nice place to pull off the road. My husband is on his way. Supposedly. I’ve been sitting here a long time.

Sitting here in my broken down vehicle makes me miss my old car. It was the best car ever. I drove that sucker for over 100,000 miles my very own self and I was never broken down on the side of the road. Not once in five years. I loved that car so much that I crammed three car seats in the back for nearly a year. It was a Pontiac Vibe and was clearly not designed for three car seats in the back seat. But I crammed those kids back there and listened to them complain about being squished because I loved that car.

With the new mom-mobile mini van, we have a lot more room but we seem to have a lot more problems as well. Ugh! I wish we had mass transit! What I wouldn’t do for a rural train system…


  1. Things happen in threes. Maybe you're done for a while...

  2. Good god, I hope so. Otherwise I may be on the search for a new vehicle. Of course, that could just be setting myself up for a whole new set of breakdowns...