Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Portfolio on Flickr

Just as I suspected, I'm spending quite a bit more time on my new computer. I finally got around to setting up an online portfolio. I just did a few projects to start with, but I think that I like it so far.

My Portfolio

Friday, January 22, 2010

Super Cute New Netbook

I got my new netbook in the mail today. Isn't it cute? And it works SO much better than our laptop with the broken screen that I've been stuck using for the last few months!!

I suspect that it's portability and sheer attractiveness will increase my blog posting and facebook participation tenfold. The other ladies in the coffee shop and library will ooh and aah with admiration and jealously. Or, they'll look at me and think "What is with the grown woman and the barbie computer? Does she think she's 11 years old?"

Either way, I will happy just to have a screen that works on a computer that weighs less than ten pounds!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Famous Fishermen

Mark and Micah are in "In Fisherman" as well!

We went to the grocery store on Wednesday night and Micah saw "Midwest Outdoors" on the newsstand. He was terribly excited. "Look Mom! It's ME! And my DAD!" He jumped and threw his arms all over and squealed with excitement. The fisherman standing in line behind us at the checkout was very impressed, as were the kids from his daycare who happened to be shopping too. He BEAMED with pride as they congratulated him.

I'm afraid all if this exposure it going to go his head!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Boys -- The Cover Models

Aren't they handsome?

This same picture was on the cover of "Outdoor News" a few weeks ago. Mark says they never do that (use the same picture on the cover of a competing publication) so it's a pretty big deal.

The Work Jeans Quilt

Even though people generally see my husband on TV and assume that he's got a fairly glamorous day job, this couldn't be farther from the truth. He brings our little guy out fishing on the weekends and will go out on the ice to hang out with my dad when he's up, but otherwise he really doesn't do all that much fishing. The majority of his work week (which is like 80+ hours in the winter) is spent in the shop. He's got a couple of mechanics to help him, but he is responsible for the design and maintenance of all of the track rigs. All of this time working in the shop means that he goes through a lot of jeans. He tears the butt out and gets terrible grease stains all over.

I just couldn't let all that denim go to waste! I've been saving jeans for years -- literally years! My original plan was to make a rag rug. (I have one started around here somewhere.) Then I found this cute quilt pattern and changed direction.

I started by cutting 2.7 million circles. Well, it felt like 2.7 million, but was really only like 200. About a hundred denim circles from the old jeans and another hundred in flannel. After sewing each denim circle to a flannel circle (right sides out) I stitched them into rows. Cutting and sewing the circles was tedious, but getting them into rows was actually kind of hard. The problem is that work jeans are about twice the thickness of standard denim. It was heavy and very hard to maneuver.

Assembling all of the rows just about threw my back out. Oddly enough, I only broke 3 needles and got like 10 errors on my machine. When I made my brother's Crown Royal quilt, I broke nearly a dozen and I think my machine spent more time beeping at me that actually stitching!

Every time I make a full size quilt, I get about halfway done and have this incredibly strong urge to quit. I can make a baby quilt and breeze through it. I can do table runners and place mats and all things kitchen related. I've even done okay with some "throw" sized quilts. But big quilts kick my butt.
I just about gave up a couple of different times, but I did finally finish the quilt. In all honesty, I had some pretty crooked quilting at the end -- the white zin was my quilters equivalent to liquid courage. It took me a couple of evenings to get it all fringed up, but I'm pretty happy with the results. The hubby seems pretty happy with the results, too. After a super long day at work, he usually crashes on the couch, so he's getting a lot of use out of this very heavy, but very snuggly, quilt. Plus, I chose fabrics that match our family room, so I don't nag him to fold it up and put it away every morning!
Above are picture of the front and back of the quilt. Of course, Molly couldn't let me take pictures of any sort without posing for a few. Notice the grease stains on the denim -- extra character, right?
This is the hubby -- enjoying his quilt. Yes, he really is sleeping -- I took this like 10 minutes ago.

Welcome Followers!

After a few months of faithfully writing to a very shy audience (I mean you my loving family!), I have real followers. Whoo hoo for me! So: Welcome to my followers. It's lovely to have you. I'll do my best to say something interesting for you.

Coming soon:
* The epic story of my husband's work jeans' quilt (with pictures!)
* My latest adventure in being a tightwad (My thriftiness might be getting out of hand).
* My frozen water saga (It was -40 degrees this weekend and by pipes burst!)

* a give-a-way! I'm not sure what I'm giving away yet, but it will be Fabulous, I promise.

I've been wanting to do a give-a-way, but didn't have anyone to give something to. I enter them when ever I find one on the blogs I read, and I have been itching to do some giving. So, once I reach 20 followers, I will do a fabulous give-a-way! To help me get to 20 followers, please refer your own friends a followers to my blog. For each new follower that you send my way, I will give you an extra entry in my first give-a-way! (New followers, please leave a comment on this post with the name of the person who referred you!)