Thursday, October 22, 2009

Corn Cob Slippers

Pictured above are the original corn cob slippers. Of course, they are not slippers, but pot holders. My grandma used to keep them on her kitchen counter, and when I went to visit her as a little girl, she would let me put them on my feet and slip and slide all over her kitchen. A few years ago, she gave them to me. They now live on my kitchen counter and I even occationally let Molly slip and slide around the kitchen in them.
I have a crochet pattern for slippers that I love to make, which I refer to as "corn cob slippers." They slip and slide as well as the originals (unless I purposely un-slippy them with puff paint) and I can easily modify them to make them in any size imaginable. Last Christmas, I made a bunch of these slippers for gifts for family members... even Uncle Max yelled, "Yes! Corn Cob Slippers!" when he opened his.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stubborn Little Twerp

Micah woke up at 6:15 this morning, took off his jammies, and went potty -- all according to our regular schedule. But that's as far as he got in his morning routine. He told me that he was hungry and I told him that I'd like him to get dressed before he had some breakfast. I gave him his clothes, but he proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes doing anything but putting his clothes on his body. I reminded him a few times, with updates on how long he had until it would be time to leave. "Micah, you'd better hurry up and get dressed. We need to leave in 10 minutes," to which he would reply, "I don't wanna get dressed." I suggested that it might be a cold ride to daycare if he didn't have any clothes on. This usually works, but today he decided to test me. Well, after numerous gentle reminders of what he was being asked to do and what the consequences of not doing it would be, he was brought out to the car in his underwear.

Yes, he went all the way to daycare, roughly a 45 minute drive, without his clothes on. In Northern Minnesota. In October. This does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that he didn't even complain -- not even once. I even asked him if he was cold and he just said very calmly, "Yeah, a little bit." I seriously started to wonder if my logical consequence (if you don't get dressed, you get cold) was even going to work. It was a little chilly out this morning -- it should work.

Because he has legs that work quite well, I generally do not carry him around. So, he had to walk in from the car and into daycare. In only his underwear. At this point, he started to complain about being cold. "Mmm," I told him, "You probably should have put your clothes on, huh?"

When I left him at daycare (with instructions to the provider that he not be allowed to eat his breakfast or play with toys until he got himself dressed) he was still mostly naked. What kind of 3 year old can seriously hold out over 2 hours before doing what he was told? He is simply a stubborn little twerp! I wonder if he'll get dressed tomorrow? Honestly, I do not know.