Friday, September 18, 2009

Kindergarten Rocks!

Molly started Kindergarten last week, and I have never seen her happier. She came home from the first day of school and told me, excitedly "We did the letter A, the number one, and the color red." I noted that Kindergarten moves a little faster than pre-school, and she agreed.
Our school offers all day, every day Kindergarten. This is a god-send for my sharp little girl. She's been more than a little bored and is very excited about the faster pace.

After two full weeks of school, she is still glad to get up and ready in the morning. She has her own alarm clock, and comes down stairs dressed for the day and ready to get down to business. After telling me about her day, she falls asleep on the way home nearly every day, so I know she's playing hard and learning lots.

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