Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Party

Last weekend, we had a birthday party for Molly and Micah. Micah turned 3 years old on Sept. 12 and Molly turned 6 years old on September 23. Since we have so many people that have to travel for the party, I usually do just one party. They don't seem to mind.

I made Molly as Strawberry Shortcake cake. For some reason, I just couldn't get it right. I started out with a plan to cover the cake with fondant, but the fondant kept tearing. After the third try, I just used plain frosting. Yummy home-made frosting, but plain frosting all the same. I did my best to make a girl who at least looked a little bit like Strawberry Shortcake -- my work did not live up to my standards, but Molly told me it was beautiful, and that's all that matters.

For all the trouble I had with Molly's cake, Micah's cake was a breeze. He absolutely loved it, and spent the whole morning singing the spider man song. Notice in the pictures that he stole the frosting off the entire base of the cake. He snuck tastes, but he was ever so careful not to wreck the cake...

The kids got some very nice, very appropriate gifts. There were no toy guns and no slutty little girl things, so I didn't even have to take anything away and hide it on top of the fridge!

Micah's favorite gift was a remote control front end loader and bulldozer. We had to talk him into setting it aside opening the rest of gifts. He particularly enjoyed the scooping action.

Molly's favorite gift was a fashion drawing kit. It has clear films with different clothing pieces and that you layer on top of the picture of the model and then trace the figure onto tracing paper. There are also some textures to rub and other fun things. I think she drew about 10 girls (fabulously well dressed ones, of course) that night alone.
The funny thing about this gift is that earlier that week, Molly had told me that she wanted to be a fashion model. If she's lucky, Molly might grow to be 5"1". I told her that I think that she is beautiful, but that fashion models are usually very tall. She was disappointed until I suggested that she might like being a fashion designer instead. I explained what fashion designers do, and she said, "Well, I do like to draw... Could you teach me how to sew?" That-a-girl!

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